To create and activate the out of office note in your email inbox, open and proceed as follows:

1. Open your account and click on "Settings".
2. Click on "Create" under "Filters".
3. Now type the filter name, e.g. "Out of office Меssage".
4. The "Filter enabled" switch should remain on.
5. Select "all messages" under "Scope".
6. Under "Actions" select "Reply with message" and type the reason for absence in the "Message body" field.
7. Under "Message subject" enter "vacation" (it can also be another subject).
8. In the "days" field, enter the number of days remaining until your return.
9. With "Save" the desired settings are applied.

The filter for the out-of-office note in your email box is created and active. You can always adjust the information and if necessary, disable it earlier with the "Filter enabled" button.