To create and use the "Blacklist" filter, open and proceed as follows:

1. Open your account and click on "Settings".
2. Click on "Create" under "Filters".
3. Now type the filter name, e.g. "Blacklist".
4. The "Filter activated" switch should remain on.
5. Select "matching all of the following rules" under "Scope".
6. Select "From" under "Rules", then "Contains" and put the spammer on the blacklist, for example "steamed@" (with "+" you can add more rules/spammers now and later).
7. Under "Actions" select "Move message to", then specify the folder "Junk".
8. With "Save" the desired settings for the filter are activated.

Thus, the filter "Blacklist" was created and if necessary, additional spammers can be added to this filter under rules with the "+" sign.