To create a mailing list in your mailbox proceed as follows:

1. To work with contacts, they should be added to the address book. When reading emails, you just need to click on the email address and select "Add to address book" in the context menu.

2. To create a distribution list, you need to create a contact group.
Under "Contacts -> Personal addresses” click on the three points menu and choose “Add group".

3. Give the group a name and click “Save”.

4. To add contacts to the group, go to the "Personal Addresses" list, select the desired contacts, click the "Groups" button and mark the group membership in its properties. To add more contacts to the group, repeat this step.

5. The contact group is filled with addresses.

6. To send an email to all team members, enter the group name in the Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) field, so it is legally compliant.

7. Select the contact list and click “Add”.

8. In the "To" field, enter your own email address, fill in the “Subject” field and then click “Send”.

Done, all contacts from the mailing list "Basketball list" have received your email.