1. Click on Safari button in the status and select Preferences.3846_vpn-safari-1-en

  2. Click on Advanced tab on the Preferences menu. Then, next to the Proxies, click on the Change Settings... button.3846_vpn-safari-2-en

  3. Select a protocol to configure in a new window.
    Check the box for Web Proxy (HTTP) and Web Secure Proxy (HTTPS).3847_vpn-safari-3-en

  4. Fill the Web Proxy Server field with the IP address of the server vpn.swisscows.com and Port as 80003847_vpn-safari-4-en

  5. Check Proxy server requires password box and enter your Username and Password in the authentication fields.3848_vpn-safari-5-en

  6. Make sure you perform the same steps for Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS).

  7. Click OK button, then Apply in order to confirm the configuration.